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Instant publication, together with the rise of geosocial networking, presents new opportunities for real-time and location-based services. Much as these services are changing the nature of search on the World Wide Web, so the Semantic Web is both challenged and enhanced by real-time content. TwitLogic is a tool for data integration which translates streaming social data using common, RDF-based vocabularies and mashes it up with Linked Data, enabling new kinds of real-time social applications which take advantage of the rich background knowledge of the Semantic Web.

One upcoming source of rich structured social data for mashups is Twitter Annotations. Here is a slide show which illustrates potential use cases of Annotations for "smart" real-time content feeds:

You can interact with TwitLogic through a SPARQL endpoint (e.g. the one for this triple store) or an RDF update stream. TwitLogic also publishes the social data it collects as Linked Data. For now, you can browse the knowledge base in Zitgist. Or if you're feeling adventurous, you can explore the knowledge base with curl, like so:
curl -L -H "Accept: application/x-trig"
This gives you access to additional Named Graph information, allowing you to follow the annotation provenance trail.


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